Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Parlor Market

My new favorite restaurant in Jackson - I highly recommend you try it asap!!

Here is the review of Parlor Market from Open Table.com:
Located in the heart of Jackson’s downtown area, Parlor Market specializes in Seasonal Southern cuisine, drawing inspiration and ingredients from local farmers, ranchers and deep rooted traditions. Parlor Market preserves the history of downtown Jackson with rich marble, original brick, and Antebellum wood dating back to 1858. Enjoy a pre-prohibition cocktail, a glass of Southern wine, or a beer from our extensive Southern beer list or fresh seafood from our marble topped oyster and ceviche bar. Let our team of award winning chefs inspire you with their creative dishes in our open kitchen. The Parlor Market ambiance, experience and service are unparalleled.

Here is my review:
I LOVED Parlor Market!! I got one of the Pre-Prohibition cocktails, the Candied Bacon Old Fashioned. It was made up of bacon infused bourbon and brown sugar simple syrup. So delicious! I also tried a cocktail that I don't remember the name of...Sarsaparilla something? It was made up of Barq's rootbeer and moonshine! omg.. It was my favorite of the two that I tried. For dinner, I had the PM Burger which was delicious! All parts of it are made from scratch, including the condiments. It served on a small cutting board.. loved it! For dessert, I tried a little spice cake that was served in a small jar and topped with toasted marshmallow "frosting" There was also a small scoop of ice cream on the side. I can't wait to go back and try more things on the menu! But, I definitely recommend getting a reservation because it fills up fast! Enjoy!

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