Monday, January 10, 2011

Y'all, It's Cold Outside

People in Jackson go nuts when the weather gets below freezing. Just to give an example, when then weatherman says “chance of snow”, people immediately bundle up in ski gear and run to the grocery store and stock up on bottled water, bread, milk, and other necessities. Do they really think we are going to be snowed-in and won’t be able to leave our houses? Reminder: It’s Mississippi! So, today, its 34 degrees and there is a little bit of ice on the roads and in the trees.. so naturally all the schools are closed for the day. The good news is, my boss LOVES snow and declared today a “snow day” regardless of the lack of snow. Therefore, I am sitting in a comfy chair, watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and sipping on my Starbucks! I hope you are hunkered in enjoying your “snow day” as well!

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