Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Birthday Girl

I turned 26 today!! I feel mixed emotions about this. I feel older and a little sad about it. But on the other hand, everyone older than me tells me that this is just when life starts to get good. That is the kind of news that I like to hear! I just got home from a wonderful birthday dinner party at Tico's with my friends and family. I had such a great time! My parents gave me the dress form that I wanted! (I can't wait to start planning outfits and sewing projects on it!) My lovely friend Christine gave me an Anthropologie gift card (score!) My cousin Raney gave me the sweetest, most precious little McCarty bunny, My Aunt Jene and cousins gave me two popover pans from Williams Sonoma, My boss, the photographer, gave me one of my favorite photos that she took for my apartment, My best friend Kelsey gave me a sketch pad and some Prismacolor markers to practice my fashion sketches with, and my roommates gave me some earrings and an awesome gold necklace!  It is so nice to have a family that you love and who love you back. It is such a comfort to spend time with people who truly know you and care about you. Thank you to all of you who came or who wished me a "Happy Birthday". I am hoping to make 26 the best year yet!

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