Friday, April 8, 2011

DIY: Blazer to Vest

Last summer, I bought this Black Blossom Blazer from J.Crew. It is a really cool print that looks like camo, but is really a floral. Anyway, the sleeves have always bothered me. They were too baggy, too long, and even when I rolled them up, the lining would kind of sag out of the bottom. Last weekend, I was bored and looking for a "project" that wouldn't cost me any money. I decided to cut the sleeves off of my blazer and make it into a vest! After I did that, I had material leftover from the sleeves so I made a sash/belt out of the sleeves. I love the way it turned out and I actually like it better post-alterations. I realize that not everyone has been taught to sew like me, but keep in mind, you can always have a tailor do the same thing for you! If you don't love the way something fits, think about minor changes that can be made to make it better before you discard it!



Forgive the quality of this pic. I had to take it of myself!

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