Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Note to the Men (and boys) of Mississippi

To all you Southern boys out there,

Please, please, please break free from the "Fratty Fashion" box! Don't get me wrong, khakis, loafers, and a polo is a great look, but you can do so much more! I know it is hard to step away from what the crowd is wearing, but khakis and a button down with the sleeves rolled up is not your only option! Here is a little inspiration from J.Crew to lead you in a new direction :)

5 Men's Fashion Tips, by Jennings

1. No pleats. They are not flattering on anyone. 
2. Tailored and Slim fits look best on most guys. If you are a really skinny, don't wear baggy or loose clothes to make yourself look bigger. It will end up making you look skinnier. Stick with well tailored, fitted styles!
3. Roll up long sleeves. This is a good tip for women too. Rolling your long sleeves to 3/4 length will make you look slimmer and taller. I promise- just try it. 
4. Try colors other than blue. Most men naturally buy button down shirts that are blue or blue and white striped or checked. Try to branch out to new colors. If you are afraid of bright colors, try mint green, purple or red. Feeling brave? Try pink!
5. Mix patterns. Don't be afraid to mix patterns because it can add a lot of interest to your look. It can be tricky but here are some helpful guidelines. A-don't do more than two patterns per outfit. B- make sure one pattern is dominant and the other is more subtle (think a small gingham check shirt with a wide striped tie) C- choose patterns with similar colors. If both patterns have at least one main color in common it should work! 

(P.S. caring about fashion and looking modern does not make you less will actually score you more points with us girls!)

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