Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Big Bang

So, I'm thinking that as soon as it gets cold outside, I am going to get bangs. I have not had legit bangs since I was about 7 years old, so I am a little nervous about it. The reason I want to wait until it's cold outside is so that they won't get sweaty and gross and stick to my forehead. I would not like that at all! I was playing around with the little makeover tool and came up with a few celebrity hair versions of myself with bangs to get an idea. That is such a fun tool to play around with! I would love some input on what you think are the best ones! Let me know your thoughts! (Or, if you think I look terrible with bangs, please stop me before I make a terrible mistake! ahh!)

Hilary Duff

Emma Stone

Naomi Watts

Reese Witherspoon

Ashley Olsen


  1. I think you look super cute with bangs...I am voting for the Reese Witherspoon style!

  2. my vote is for Reese or Ashley O! You always look great however you wear your hair! You are beautiful:)

    Love you...Aunt Jene'