Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Door Decor

At the beginning of spring, I purchased a grapevine wreath for my back door. I decorated it with hydrangeas (my favorite flower), some pussywillow looking stuff, and a green silk bow. Now that fall merchandise it hitting stores, I am starting to look forward to it even more! It is my favorite time of year. So, to get me in the mood and to make my door look more "seasonally appropriate" I decided it was time for a little update. I went to Michael's and bought some sunflowers, small red flowers, bright green leaves, some moss covered balls, and natural colored raffia. I went to work and am pleased with the result! I think it is a great look for the late summer-early fall seasons! It's nice to be able to use the same wreath and have two totally different looks. (a floral design tip: always group items in odd numbers and start with your larger items first; then add the "filler flowers" last)

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