Friday, June 1, 2012

Dragon Boat Regatta

In May, the Madison County Chamber of Commerce put on its Annual Dragon Boat Regatta on the reservoir. The boats are brought down from Canada along with some boating experts and teams compete in three rounds of races. This year, there were 47 teams made up of businesses, friends, and young professional groups. Each boat has 15-20 paddlers and a drummer in the front of the boat to keep everyone paddling in sync. Tents are set up all along the waterfront and people just hang out and tailgate between races. It is sooo much fun! I paddled on the Zip 39 team (a young professional group) which was so big it had to be split into two boats. We broke it down into the competitive team and the non-competitive team. I chose the "non" team because I just wanted to have a good time. In our first race, we raced against the competitive team and two other young professional groups. We completely dominated and beat the completive team by 6 seconds! Haha! Most teams have a theme and team name. We chose to be the swamp people from that show on history channel and our name was "Zip Ba-you". The races are on Saturday, but on Thursday night, they host a Paddler's Party at the Jackson Yacht Club where each team can submit a decorated paddle to go along with their theme. They have food, drinks, and live music and it's a blast! I painted our paddle for the contest. Sadly, we did not win, but it turned out pretty cute anyway! All in all, it was a super fun event and I will definitely be doing it again next year!

The Zip Ba-You Team (I'm on the front row, far right)
photo courtesy of Brice Media

Paddling hard! I was in the very back of the boat, because I'm a shorty
photo courtesy of Newsocracy
Pulling ahead!
photo courtesy of Newsocracy 
photo courtesy of Newsocracy

Our tent decor: we won best tent decorations!

Prime location!

Me and Meagan in our swamp gear

Paddler's Party with Rachel, Chris, and Carter
photo courtesy of Steve Blackburn

Our team's paddle that I painted to look like a 22 rifle

Choot em!

Paddler's Party with Rach

Jackson Yacht Club

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