Sunday, September 23, 2012


A few weeks ago, I took a week off from work and finally got a few DIY projects done that I had been wanting to do for a while!

First was spray painting an old red pedestal table that my mom used to have in our house in Oxford. I needed a little table to put next to the love seat in my apartment, but red just wouldn't work! I chose a hammered bronze looking spray paint from Lowe's and got after it. It turned out more silver than bronze, but I still like it.

Next, I made some new pillows for my black Barcelona chairs. My Gigi gave me a gift certificate to Jo-Ann's for my birthday, so I bought two pillow forms there, and then headed to The Linen Shop in Gluckstadt where I found this awesome mustard and turquoise ikat looking fabric. It was pretty pricey, so I bought enough to do the front of each pillow and then picked out some cheaper solid turquoise fabric to do the backs. I love the way they turned out!

After that, I made two new wreaths for my front doors. I live in a duplex, but I wanted it to look more like a one family house from the front. I thought adding wreaths to both sides of the door would do the trick....and I think it did.

Next, I saw a little something on Pinterest that I thought was genius. I had all of my bigger, chunkier necklaces hanging on pushpins on a bulletin board behind my door. It was fine, but I was starting to run out of room, and every time I tried to pull one off, two or three more fell off with it. So, I bought a bathroom towel bar at Lowe's and two packages of shower curtain rings. I picked the oiled bronze finished ones so they would look nice and up to date. I took down the bulletin board and installed the towel bar on my wall. Then I hung all my necklaces on the shower curtain rings (of course I ordered them by color, warm to cool, bc I'm a little OCD like that) I love it so much. It is so much less cluttered and easy to find what I want. 

Last on my list of projects was to duplicate a sign I saw on Pinterest. A calligrapher called 'Lindsay Letters' painted some of the lyrics to "O Holy Night" on a canvas and it was displayed by an interior designer above someone's fireplace for Christmas. I loooooved the scrolly script and "O Holy Night" is my all time favorite Christmas song, so I decided to paint my own. I'm not totally finished going over the white on mine, but I think I did a pretty good job on my version. I am so excited to put it up for the holidays!

I got almost all of this done in one day! I shocked myself on how productive I can be if I put my mind to it. I am going to try to use my off days more effectively from now. I shouldn't have to take a vacation to get things like this done. It is really fun to create and make new things!

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