Sunday, July 21, 2013

a Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower

My cousin Phillip and his wife Etta are expecting a baby boy in August! Today, we hosted a baby shower in their honor at our house. The theme was centered around Mother Goose's nursery rhymes and we had so much fun with it! There were about 8 hostesses who each brought something that was based on a certain nursery rhyme. I made signs to put next to each item that showed an original nursery rhyme illustration and a part of the actual rhyme. One of the hostesses owns a local flower shop, so she brought some beautiful arrangements for the tables. I personally was in charge of the food signs, the deviled eggs (for humpty dumpty) and the punch (for rub-a-dub-dub). The punch was the biggest hit! It was so cute and tasted good too! It was such a fun day!

The punch was a mixture of white grape juice, ginger ale, blue kool-aid, and sugar. After mixing all those ingredients, you add scoops of lime or pineapple sherbet to the top. That's what makes it foam like a bath :) I added the rubber duckies to complete the look! Cute, right?

My Mom made these cute little mice to put on the cheese! They are cherries dipped in chocolate, then sliced almonds are stuck on for the ears and a chocolate chip makes the face. She used decorating gel to make the eyes and nose. They are so precious!

Etta, the tiny and precious mother-to-be :)


  1. Ohmylanta, it all looks so cute! I gave a children's book theme shower once, and I made that same punch (for a Make Way for Ducklings punch). I seriously want to give a baby shower soon and steal all of these ideas...amazing!

  2. thanks girls! Marley, feel free to steal any and all the ideas! It was such a fun theme to work with!

  3. Superb baby shower. Seriously loved this rhyme baby shower. Must say you did a great job in arranging everything. Your ideas are adorable. Planning my friend’s baby shower at one of venues in San Francisco. Thinking of using some of these ideas for the day. Hope will have something great for the day.