Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New York Trip: Part Two

My second day in NYC was Sunday. We got up and went to church and then headed to brunch at a French cafe called The French Coast. After brunch, we went home and changed clothes and then walked down Columbus Avenue to Columbus Circle stopping to get coffee and going in a few shops on the way. We also popped in Zabar's and stopped at Lincoln Center just to look around. Next we headed back home to change and then took a taxi to the West Village to an AMAZING restaurant called L'Artusi. Let me just say...probably one of the best meals I have ever had!! 
Shane and Kelsey introduced me to a website called Immaculate Infatuation that they use for great restaurant reviews. It was started by a group of guys who stopped trusting Yelp for accurate restaurant reviews, so they started their own. They have both hilarious and honest reviews of lots of great places in Manhattan. We used Immaculate for most of our restaurant decisions while and I was there and it never disappointed! 
L'Artusi is one of their highest rated restaurants and I can totally see why. It has a cool and relaxed atmosphere, isn't too expensive, and has fantastic food. The three of us ordered the wagyu beef tartare and roasted mushroom appetizers to share. Then I ordered a homemade pasta carbonara special for my entree, and then for dessert we shared the hazelnut chocolate torta with praline crunch and salted caramel gelato. Literally, the best dessert I have ever eaten! I also had a cocktail called the Señor Caliente that had vodka, cucumber, sriracha chili sauce, chocolate bitters and something else that I cannot remember. I ordered it because it sounded strange but intriguing and not too sweet. I was so glad I tried it because it was absolutely delicious! A little spicy and very refreshing...just perfect. 
Next time you go to New York, I would highly recommend that you try L'Artusi!

my Nutella and strawberry crêpe at The French Coast

The gorgeous Ansonia building on the Upper West Side

The Ansonia
The Ansonia

The Ansonia

The amazing cheese shop at Zabar's

cheese, cheese, and more cheese

Lincoln Center for Performing Arts

Me and Kelsey at Lincoln Center

fountain at Lincoln Center

The Paul Mistein Pool and Terrace, the Illumination Lawn, and The Julliard School

Lincoln Center


Another great day in the city!

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