Thursday, August 1, 2013

Organizing: 101

If you know me at all, you know that I love to organize! I definitely get that from my Mom. One of my favorite pictures of me as a child is one of me organizing my Gigi's pantry around age two. I admit that I can be pretty messy at times, but eventually I will clean everything out and re-organize it again. Yesterday I was off from work and spent the afternoon cleaning out my closet and a few other things and organizing them all. I thought I would share a few of my tips with you!

My Top Organizing Tips:
1. Find commonalities in the things you want to organize and sort them into categories.
2. Find a way to make them look uniform. (for example: put all your things in matching containers or hang all your clothes on matching hangers) This will help make it look clean and streamlined once you are done.
3. Make it accessible. You want to be able to get to and use your things, so don't put them somewhere that you won't be able to get to them easily.
4. Color! This doesn't work for every kind of organizing, but for closets or jewelry, it is great! Think about any art class you have ever taken and follow the color wheel when sorting your things. I'll explain more below.

Organizing at an early age! :)

Welcome to my closet! :) First, you will notice my shoes. I have them all in clear boxes from the Container Store. If I can't see all my shoes, I forget what all I have. I have them sorted on the shelves by what type of shoe they are. High heels on top, then wedges, then flats, then low heels, then ankle boots, then flip-flops and tennis shoes on the bottom. I am super short and can't reach the top very easily, so I put the types of shoes that I wear the most in the middle. 

Next, are my tops. I have them sorted in order of sleeve length. (sleeveless, then short sleeved, then three-quarter, etc.) I have tried doing it different ways, but this is what works best for me. Do whatever works for you. 

My pants are all on matching wooden hangers and hanging in color order. Warm colors to cool colors. For those of you who don't know, warm colors are reds, oranges, yellows, and some greens like olive. Cool colors are greens, blues, and purples. Black usually goes at the end of the cool colors and white can kind of go anywhere. The only reason I do them this way is because it looks nice and it helps me to find certain colors quicker. 

My skirts are also hanging in color order (just the opposite direction, cool to warm)

All my dresses are hanging on a rolling garment rack in my bathroom. The reason for that is because I don't have a section in my closet for long hanging items...(and they probably wouldn't fit anyway! oops.)
Anyway, yesterday I bought three more packages of my favorite hangers and switched out all the hangers on my dress rack. Now they all match and they are hanging in color order. I know the color thing seems totally OCD, but it REALLY makes a difference in the way it looks. 

Years ago, I went to Home Depot and bought a 2x4 and some giant cup hooks. I had my Dad help me paint it white and screw the cup hooks into the wood and install it on the underside of the top shelf in closet. I use those hooks to hang purses so I can see them all and get to them easily.

My necklaces are hanging on shower curtain rings on the bar in my closet. It is really easy to slide them on and off of the rings and it keeps them all visible for when I'm trying to accessorize my outfits. In addition, it keeps them from getting tangled. They are also in warm to cool color order.

My earrings are all displayed in these door hanging jewelry organizers that I got at Lowe's. I love them because they are double sided and I can see everything I have. Also, the pockets get larger towards the bottom which is perfect for larger pieces of jewelry. 

Next is my makeup. I bought a set of juice glasses from Target and sorted my everyday makeup items into them. One glass for eyes, two for lips, one for face, and one larger glass for brushes. All the glasses are nestled in a Missoni for Target media box that sits on my bathroom counter. 

My last project for the day was nail polish. I got rid of a bunch of old ones and then sorted the remainder by brand and by color. The houndstooth case in the middle holds my clippers and files. 

That's it! I hope I inspired you to do a little organizing of your own!

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