Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Whiskey & Pearls

Meet Whiskey. He's equal parts preppy, rugged and classic. 

Meet Pearls. She's equal parts classic, preppy and retro. 

Put them together and you get a lovely couple of tastemakers, curators and writers of the blog 
Whiskey and Pearls. They also happen to be among my closest friends! 

This year, I wanted to do something extra special for them for Christmas since they were such good hosts to me in New York City this summer!  I got several little goodies for each of them and wrapped them separately. I wrapped them to go along with the "theme" of their blog. One for Pearls (Kelsey) and one for Whiskey (Shane). 

For Whiskey, I wrapped the package in brown paper and hand drew a whiskey bottle with a black sharpie. I added a few personal touches to the bottle to make it extra special. Then I tied on a gift tag with some ribbon that I took from the handle of Anthropologie bag. I LOVE the way it turned out! I was almost as excited for him to see the wrapping as I was the gift!

For Pearls, I wrapped the package in white, pearlized paper and added a handmade paper bow that I cut from scrapbooking paper. I topped it with a mother-of-pearl button and added a cute tag. It looked so feminine and preppy, just like her!

I love the contrast of the two side-by-side!

Check out their blog, Whiskey and Pearls here. 

It's totally fabulous!!

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