Thursday, May 29, 2014

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Working with a wedding photographer, I spend a lot of Saturdays attending weddings. I have seen all sorts of guest wedding attire - some good, some not so good. I have been shocked to see so many girls in over the top sexy dresses that should only be worn to a night club. With that in mind, I decided to share a few tips on what to wear to a wedding! Summer is a busy time of year for weddings, so I'm sure you all have at least one to get dressed for. 
I hope this gives you some inspiration!

For a daytime wedding, stick to colorful or light-colored dresses in modest but flirty styles. Keep hemlines just above knee-length at the shortest. Wear light, strappy shoes or classic heels like a pump, d'orsay or peep toe in a neutral or metallic; nothing too clunky.

left to right:
 J.Crew Lace Shift Dress - $148
Pim & Larkin Striped Double Layer Mini Dress - $139
J.Crew Paneled Flare Dress - $138
Everly Clothing Printed Midi Dress - $79

For an outdoor or beach wedding, you can go a bit more casual with a pretty maxi dress or dressy sundress. Keep the weather and terrain in mind. If you will be on grass or sand, wear a flat sandal or wedge to keep from sinking. If it is going to be hot, make sure your dress won't show sweat. If it is going to be a bit chilly, make sure you bring a shawl or cardigan that coordinates with your look. 

left to right:
Line & Dot Lace Halter Maxi Dress - $149
Kate Spade Tropical Peplum Sheath Dress - $378
J.Crew Twist Back Silk Dress - $128
Joie Sari Silk Dress - $180

For an evening wedding you can go a little bit sexier. However, remember that the reason you are at a wedding is to celebrate with friends or family members - not just to pick up a guy. Make sure that if your look is a bit sexy, it is still classy and appropriate for such an occasion. If the top of your dress is  low cut or strapless, compensate by having a longer hemline or a looser/boxier fit. On the flip side, if the top of your dress is long sleeved or comes up high on the neck, you can get away with a shorter or tighter fit. Its all about balance. Shoes can be a little glitzier or chunkier if you wish. A bootie is appropriate when worn right. Just remember that you will be standing and dancing in them for quite some time!

left to right:
Splendid Jumpsuit - $178
Parker Shay Dress - $264
J.Crew Clara Dress in Silk Chiffon - $275
Alena Peplum Sleeveless Sheath Dress - $298

For a black tie wedding, the rules are very similar to those for an evening wedding. Keep it classy - not too much cleavage and not too much glitz. Save that for a different occasion. Embellishment is fabulous, as long as it is in moderation. This is a great time to pull out your nice jewelry or statement pieces. Have fun with it! You don't get many opportunities to dress in black tie these days!

left to right:
J.Crew Collection Pleated Twill Dress - $350
Carmen Marc Valvo Beaded Neck Halter Top and Abstract Floral Print Ball Skirt - $915
Carolina Herrera Silk Taffeta Shirt and Faille Party Skirt - $2280
Laundry by Shelli Segal Velvet and Jersey Beaded Cutaway Gown - $212

I hope this helps with your wedding guest dress shopping!

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