Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Movie Review: Chef


I went to this movie hopeful, but unsure of what it was really about. All I knew was that it was supposed to be a "foodie movie." Besides all the scenes filled with beautiful and delicious looking food, it has a great story, fantastic music, and left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Jon Favreau plays Chef Carl Casper, a prominent chef in L.A. who quits his job after refusing to compromise his creative vision for the food he wants to cook. He travels to Miami with his ex-wife, played by Sofia Vergara, and his son, who he rarely spends quality time with. He then gets an old food truck and fixes it up with the help of his sous chef and his son. They head west to drive the truck back to L.A. stopping along the way to serve cuban food to masses of new fans. All the while, Carl and his son Percy have time to reconnect and bond over a love for cooking. I can not wait to go back and see this again. It has definitely joined the ranks of my top 10 favorite movies! Go see it!

I also highly recommend the soundtrack. It's full of upbeat, rhythmic Latin music that will make you want to dance and cook up a storm!

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